Upholstered furniture NOVAK

The world spins and we spin with it. Let’s not defy time, let’s keep in step with it.

Perfected technology, years of experience and the realization of your wishes are the colours in the palette of knowledge with which we have been drawing new ideas and bringing them into your home since 1980.

We follow modern trends and create new designs for you while constantly keeping the quality in mind. Our collaboration with designers, timeless elegance and precise production of every detail are the qualities you appreciate and can always recognise in our products.

Robert Novak

Jože Novak, a master of upholstery, started his own upholsterer’s trade in a small workshop in Slape in Ljubljana, Slovenia in 1980. His principles were clear: to offer his customers high-quality hand-made upholstered furniture, well-designed with perfectly produced details. He passed his rich craftsmanship knowledge on the production of upholstered furniture onto his sons.

Today, Novak upholstered furniture continues in this vision with a team of skilled employees. With the help of new technologies and a fresh approach to design, it has grown beyond the boundaries of handicraft and successfully operates on both domestic and foreign markets.

Jože Novak
Jože Novak