The Googy rocking horse is a real magnet for children both big and small. It is soft and gentle, whilst designed in a way to be very sturdy even throughout the most vigorous galloping of small cowboys and indians. Minors from the age of one and up are welcomed on Googy’s back, as well as their older playful brothers, sisters and even moms and dads. Googy is made from sustainable, eco-friendly materials, so it is very easy to clean. To remove any stains that may occur, simply wipe them off with a damp towel.



toy horse Googy

Beautiful by nature

There is nothing more natural than the movement of a rocking horse. The slow "back and forth, back and forth" will transport you back to the years of innocence and purity.

It therefore makes perfect sense to upholster Googy in linen at its most natural. The inviting shape and the elegant texture of the soft greys, blues and browns will fit exquisitely into contemporary interior designs.

toy horse Googy


Googy is a true magnet for all children. It is kind and gentle, yet designed to be very sturdy even during the young cowboys’ most vigorous races..

Googy eagerly accommodates toddlers from the age of one year onwards, and also their older brothers, sisters, and parents. It can be upholstered in a variety of vivid colours and materials that are easy to clean, even though they don’t stain easily.

toy horse Googy


Imagine a place, where you are welcomed into a warm embrace of a plush rocking horse, while outside the winter wonderland is frozen in blue ice.

It is not difficult to let the imagination go free. Googy can be fuzzy, it can be soft and wild and it can accommodate the most fashionable of interiors. Why not make an unusual rocking horse the focal point of a living room or a nursery?